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Word: Oniomania

Oniomania [Noun] 

Sentence: After leaving the store, I felt the first pinpricks of panic. I wondered whether Go Shop technology could convert someone with mild oniomania (compulsive shopping disorder) into a total shopaholic with serious financial problems. Would Go Shop transform a country reeling under the weight of credit-card debt into one crushed by debt? (Source: www.nytimes.com)

Meaning: Person obsessed with shopping and buying

How To Remember?

Oniomania” should remind you of someone who is obsessed with owning things. It does not matter to him or her whether owning that particular thing adds any tangible value or not to their lives. Owning is all that matters.

Remember thus!

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Word: Consternation

Consternation [Noun]

Sentence: The rambling tweet storm, which earned Madison the consternation of CNN anchor Jake Tapper, resulted in a statement from MTV insisting that their employees’ views do not represent those of the network. But Madison kept the anti-Sessions tweets coming, obviously undeterred by the public backlash he faced for his insensitivity. (Source: www.nationalreview.com)

Meaning: A sudden feeling of anxiety, amazement or dread at something unexpected which may result in utter confusion

How To Remember?

Consternation” should remind you of “Concern“. A sudden change in behavior of someone you care raises your concern about her well-being and,  you become anxious, dreading that something awful has befallen her and hence she is behaving the way she is.

Remember thus!


Dismay; Perturbation; Anxiety; Distress; Disquiet; Disquietude; Discomposure; Angst; Trepidation; Surprise; Amazement; Astonishment; Stupefaction; Alarm; Panic; Hysteria.



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[Well, yes, many times: Consternation = Face Palm!]

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