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Word: Schadenfreude

Schadenfreude [Noun]

Sentence: Finance Minister Sammy Wilson can bask in the approval of business leaders today, as his draft Budget received considerably more bouquets than brickbats. There was some sense of schadenfreude as private sector bosses can now look on and watch civil servants face the pay and recruitment freezes which have beset private business for close to two-and-a-half years.

(Source: www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk)

Meaning: Malicious joy; Damage-joy; Pleasure derived by someone from another person’s misfortune

How To Remember?

Whenever you hear the word “Schadenfreude”, imagine a psychiatrist named Freud (Sigmund Freud was actually an Austrian neurologist and the founder of psychoanalysis), who is sitting by his table and laughing at the troubles of his patients. Why, you ask?

The more problems they have, the more mentally afflicted they would be, and the more would be his income from their frequent visits!

Remember thus!

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Word: Abiturient

Abiturient [Noun]

Sentence: Each syllable counted. Each word had a power of which, until then, I had been oblivious. The air in the classroom was loaded with awareness. Till today mere boys, we discovered a might within ourselves that had remained hidden hitherto by our poor self-perception. All at once, every Abiturient was a well of knowledge, a source of ideas, a person of talent. (Source: The Oxymoron Factor: Franek: Stranger in My Land by Frank Stiffel)

Meaning: A student (especially in the German education system) who has just joined a university or is going to a university after having taken the secondary school final examination

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How To Remember?

Connect this word with “Novaturient“: The word “Nova” originates from the Latin “Novus” meaning “New“. “Novaturient” thus should remind you of someone who wants a new life!

Similarly, when we leave school to join a university, it indicates a new “turn” in our life. Thus, “Abiturient“!

Remember thus!

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Picture Credit: www.cp-monitor.de

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German 101: 5 Lines

What is your name?

Wie heißen Sie?

My name is Ruby.

Mein Name ist Ruby.

Who are you?

Wer bist du?

I am Ruby.

Ich bin Ruby.

 I don’t know German.

Ich kann kein Deutsch.

Source: Google Translate