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Read of the Day.001


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“The minute I was bored with a book or a subject I moved to another one, instead of giving up on reading altogether – when you are limited to the school material and you get bored, you have a tendency to give up and do nothing or play hooky out of discouragement.

The trick is to be bored with a specific book, rather than with the act of reading. So the number of the pages absorbed could grow faster than otherwise. And you find gold, so to speak, effortlessly, just as in rational but undirected trial-and-error-based research. It is exactly like options, trial and error, not getting stuck, bifurcating when necessary but keeping a sense of broad freedom and opportunism.

Trial and error is freedom.

~Nassim Nicholas Taleb, Antifragile: Things That Gain from Disorder~


Word: Moribund

Moribund [Adjective]

Sentence: Although the term “patient dumping” was rarely used before the 1960s, the practice started much earlier. In the late 1870s, the New York Times began to report that private hospitals were using ambulances to shift poor, moribund patients to Bellevue, the city’s preeminent public facility. Many trips had serious medical consequences. Private hospitals also instructed ambulances to take critically ill patients directly to Bellevue regardless of the distance. (Source: www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov)

Meaning: At the point of death or terminal decline; lacking vitality and vigour

How To Remember?

Remember “Moribund” as “Mortal at the end“. The mortal person is at the point of death! Remember thus.


Stagnant; Crumbling; Atrophying; Obsolescent.


Thriving; Recovering; Flourishing.

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[Moribund or just dead?]

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Thought of the Day.006


Bust the bureaucracy. 

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Thought of the Day.004


“Culture Fit” is a dangerous proposition. I do not even understand why some leaders even want to promote this. This is lazy and would lead to stagnation in the long run. Yes, while we all might die in the long run, the organization should not.

Organizations should seek out misfits so that they might have an anti-thesis to their thesis and seek out challenges they normally would not.